Life-Changing Stroke to Huge 70kg Deadlift. Gym Success Story

I wanted to share with you a truly inspirational story of one of our very beloved and valued members here at Primal Mvmnt gym who has recovered from a life-changing stroke, becoming stronger, fitter and gaining back confidence that had been lost.

Maria and her family had to deal with one of the hardest challenges anyone could go through, at the young age of 49 Maria had a severe stroke. The stroke that left Maria with a debilitating weakness down her left side had a huge impact on Maria’s life. Faced now with many challenges that lay ahead in the road to her recovery, Maria says that she found it very difficult to not only stay motivated but to hold on to her confidence, becoming scared and anxious for what her future held. But it is safe to say Maria faced each of these challenges head-on, achieving amazing things she never thought she would and is an incredible inspiration to us all.

Maria knew that she had to start somewhere and we understand that stepping into a new gym can feel really scary, but she took that first step. She acted and found a place she could feel safe and supported, surrounded by like-minded members and contiunes to acheive amazing things every single day she trains. This is Maria’s story from experiencing a Life changing stroke to how now she can deadlift 70kg and is getting stronger by the day.

Primal Mvmnt is not like other gyms.

At Primal Mvmnt we believe that exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, your life-changing event may not be as serious as Maria’s but the most important part of this story is taking action. Action beats intention every day of the week!

We believe that you have to find something you love, feel supported—and celebrate success—before you’ll ever be motivated to work out or eat properly.

We believe in progress, not perfection.

We believe in coaching.

We believe in community.

And we believe in making sure you want to come back day in day out.

If you want to get fit, have fun and take that first step, come in chat to us and lets get you started. Don’t let your fears and anxieties stop you from becoming happy.


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