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Adam Clasper owner of Primal Mvmnt Fitness & Nutrition

Adam Clasper


I am passionate about health and fitness! having worked in the fitness and outdoor industry since 2009 with most of them as a Coach/Personal Trainer. I have also led large teams as a general manager in leisure centres/gyms. Realising I had more to offer – Primal Mvmnt Fitness & Nutrition was born. Our mission is simple – reduce chronic disease & illness in 5000 people. Our deepest purpose as an organisation is to be the best, most fun, non-judgemental and effective fitness community striving to support the health, mental well-being and fitness of our clients and their families. We believe in fun and strong relationships between staff and all clients that just don’t exist elsewhere. caring is our super power.

Kim Renshaw coach at Primal Mvmnt Fitness & Nutrition

Kim Renshaw


Qualifications – CrossFit Trainer L1 – HSN Nutrition Coach, growing up I had a really unhealthy relationship with both food and any physical exercise that led me out of my comfort zone which was pretty much everything. I saw food as my comfort and escape and didn’t believe that there was any point in even trying to better myself. I felt I had gone too far down a road where I felt worthless and like completely giving up. I was overweight, unhealthy, and very unhappy. After going through several eating disorders, numerous attempts of weight loss programmes, fad diets and Globo gym memberships I decided that something really needed to change, to essentially save my life. I was lucky enough to meet Adam (Founder of Primal Mvmnt) who throughout our relationship has taught me to be the best version of myself, live a healthy and fulfilled life and most importantly love what I do. He encouraged me to join a local functional fitness boot camp he was running around 9 years ago. I was terrified and nearly didn’t attend the first class, I was still recovering from bulimia and anxiety would lead me to carrying out old coping strategies that had worked in the past to gain some form of control of situations I felt lost in. This meant turning up dehydrated and starved of energy. But I showed up, gave it my all and after completing a workout full of burpees and commando crawls in the mud I soon realised that showing up was the best decision I ever made. I soon realised I was not worthless, I could succeed in what I set out to do and that my health and happiness was just as important as the person standing next me. Slowly but surely my confidence grew and I fell in love with fitness, taking care of myself and enjoying the benefits from the work I put in. Over the years I continued to train and took part in competitive CrossFit competitions against some absolutely amazing athletes. As time went on I decided that all the help and support I had received that turned my life around was something that I wanted to be able to give back to others. I started shadowing coach-led classes and took my level 1 CrossFit training course and now a qualified nutrition coach. I also organised and led mental health coffee mornings in aid of spreading the word of how important both physical and mental wellness is. I absolutely love being on the team at Primal Mvmnt. Being both a coach (fitness and nutrition) and the customer success manager is an absolute pleasure. I am privileged enough to not only be in a position where I can listen, support, and provide the best experience possible for each member but to also guide and encourage them to reach their personal health and fitness goals. Best job ever!

Jamie Manning coach at Primal Mvmnt Fitness & Nutrition

Jamie Manning


Qualifications – L2 Gym & Group Exercise – L3 Personal Trainer – BSC (Hons) Health, Exercise & Physical Activity, when I was growing up, I just loved being outdoors and exercising. I would try any sport or outdoor activity. This led to my gaining a BSC in Health, Exercise and Physical Activity at University. I had the opportunity when I finished my degree to travel in the United States and to work with children. This experience was one of the most rewarding of my life as I saw young people grow in confidence and become leaders in just a few weeks because of the positive role models surrounding them at camp. Upon my return to the UK, I have worked my way up in the leisure industry. But in the past few years, I recognised that I didn’t want to climb the corporate ladder. I had lost sight of why I went to university and what I loved about health and exercise. So, I have spent a lot of time looking at what I want from my life and what makes me happy. I left the management side of the business and have been working as a personal trainer and coach ever since. I have always wanted to help people and in this work, I have seen people become healthier, happier and fitter. I truly believe I have found my true purpose in life and love what I do now so I can’t wait to work alongside you at primal Mvmnt.

Kate Davies coach at Primal Mvmnt Fitness & Nutrition

Kate Davies


Qualifications – CrossFit Trainer L1 – England Rugby Coaching Award (ERCA) – England Rugby Advanced Coaching Award (L3) – England Rugby Performance Coaching Award (L4), being a founding member, and having Adam, and being a part of Primal Mvmnt has been the best decision of my life. I am fitter, stronger, I have made incredible friends and I have found a new passion that turned weight loss and health from a chore into a hobby. I knew I wanted to be a bigger part of Primal Mvmnt quite quickly – this was not just a gym, it was a community, it serves our mental health, nutrition, and longevity and that’s what sets it apart from anywhere else. I am thrilled to be on board as the customer success manager, I have seen firsthand how Primal Mvmnt changed my life. I am so excited to help the community become the best versions of themselves! I am looking forward to doing my CrossFit Level 1 coaching course and Two Brain Coaching course and I am eager to get involved with coaching members in the future!

Hayley Read coach at Primal Mvmnt Fitness & Nutrition

Hayley Read


Qualifications – CrossFit Trainer Level 1, I have been a member at Primal Mvmnt since March 22 and have loved every single part of my progression and journey so far. Without a doubt this gym has changed my life for the better. I am a 41-year-old mum of three and thanks to the amazing coaching I’ve received I feel the strongest and fittest that I have ever felt in my whole life. The community feel at Primal Mvmnt has also played a key part in my progression and given me the confidence to push myself to the max. I have always worked at a desk as an accountant and over the years I have realised how important it is for our bodies to incorporate physical activity into our daily routine, not only for our physical health but for our mental wellbeing too. I have a passion for outdoor activities and regularly take my children coasteering within Torbay and for walks and wild swimming on Dartmoor. When I do get time alone I enjoy running and paddle boarding. I love watching an early morning Torbay sunrise on the water! My competitive nature also ensures that I enter at least one running event each year. I recently attended the ATC (Advanced Theory Course) at Primal Mvmnt, hosted by founder and coach Adam. This course, along with encouragement from himself then inspired me to further my knowledge and attend a CrossFit Level 1 course in Nottingham. The course was amazing! It has motivated me to want to become a coach myself so that I can help other people on their health and fitness journey. I am extremely excited about working within this wonderful community in the near future.

Charlie Reynolds coach at Primal Mvmnt Fitness & Nutrition

Charlie Reynolds


Qualifications – L3 Personal Trainer – BSC (Hons) Physical and Outdoor Education – L3 GP Exercise Referral – Strength and Conditioning Qualified, I’ve had my battles in the past, but it’s made me the coach I am today. I was a very underweight kid which left me with body dysmorphia and low confidence. As much as it looked like I was okay on the outside, I really wasn’t. Until I found my passion in fitness and seeing the change in my body, and mental health. But if I could go back and change one thing. It would be asking for more help and guidance when I needed it. I would have avoided the fad diets that didn’t work, and the stupid exercise routines on YouTube that just weren’t sustainable or suitable for my own goals. All I needed was someone guiding me. This is why I become a coach. I wanted to be that person for other people. Fast forward a University Degree, a range of personal training qualifications and a boat load of experience. I’ve been a PT & Online Wellness Coach for three years and looking forward to helping Primal Mvmnt and it’s awesome members level up.

Coach Rox Proctor

Rox Proctor

Admin & Sales Assistant

London born and bred, I moved to Devon with my husband in 2018 and now a mum to my little boy.
I love to travel and enjoy time with my family at any opportunity!
Prior to joining Primal Mvmnt, I have predominantly worked as an Executive Assistant in London in both the medical and train freight industry.
I am really looking forward to joining the team and progressing with my own fitness journey. I am guilty of going through fazes with keeping my motivation up when it comes to my fitness, but always make sure I am making good choices when it comes to nutrition.
It can be scary stepping out of your comfort zone, but I am up for the challenge!

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