What Level workout should I do?

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This week we have discussed about what to do if you you haven’t completed all your Level Method assessments. Missed that blog? Then check out this blog post HERE.

So now the Level Method Global Assessments have come to an end here at Primal Mvmnt, how do you know what Level to choose when attending a session?

Great question!

Well this is what today’s video is all about. We will cover how Level Method’s intuitive programmeming in our fitness tracking app helps customise the workout based on your recent assessments to ensure it keeps you safe but challenge you physically to improve your health & fitness further & faster than you thought possible!


In summary

If you have just watched the video above your first priority is to consider your overall Level Method colour. This will stretch your weaknesses but keep you progressing!

If you’re unsure about anything or don’t have your overall Level Method score then please speak with a member of the coaching team.

What do I do if i’m all over the the MAP with my assessment scores?

I’m glad you asked! If you haven’t – watch the video above as it will explain everything or you can refer to the image below as an example.

But remember your priority is:

1 – Choose the workout from your overall Level method score

2- A secondary consideration would be that if you have some major strengths in the workout, considering levelling those up but you don’t have to. The coaching team can help with this if you’re unsure. There is an example below in the image.

The main thing is not to worry about it. Like anything new it takes time to adjust and become familiar, just show up, listen to the coaching team and do your best 🙂

Still missing Level Method assessments?

Want to get a TRUE snap shot of your overall fitness? If you would like to find out your overall Level Method score faster then why not consider working 1-2-1 with a Personal Trainer? You could even grab a training partner and share the the PT session 2:1?

If this is something that you would like to do then hit “reply'” to this email and we can talk you through some options.

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