Introducing Coach & Customer Success Manager Kate Penberthy

Our NEW Customer Success Manager

Hey, I am Kate. Growing up I was into any and every sport but primarily rugby and cross country running. I played rugby at a regional level, and was Berkshire school cross country champion two years running! As I got further into my teens, commitments and mental health got in the way, and all self-care was abandoned. 

At 21, whilst looking for a part-time job to support my main job as a zookeeper I discovered rugbytots. This reignited my love for rugby and I returned to play at Newton Abbot ladies. I qualified as a level 2 rugby coach and started the journey to becoming a referee. I was coaching the under 9s at Ivybridge alongside rugby tots. After some changes in life, mental health got in the way again. I became wildly overweight, I lost my lust for the outdoors and did nothing but work, eat takeaways and watch TV. I yoyo dieted for years and would stand coy at the back of the classes at the local gym. There were no results, just the extra stress that ‘nothing works for me’. When my mum died at just 52, I knew I had to change my entire lifestyle. I didn’t want to die young, and I wanted to minimise the chance of a genetic degenerative spinal problem. That’s when I found CrossFit. 

Being Part of Primal Mvmnt

Being a member, and having Adam and the Primal Mvmnt community has been the most incredible part of my life. I am fitter, stronger, and made incredible friends. Which has ignited a newfound passion that turned weight loss and health from a chore into a hobby. Building healthy habits around nutrition is now routine. This has enabled me to do the things I love like surfing and paddleboarding, without slowing my friends down. Not to mention I am more efficient at work, which can be really physically demanding.

Very quickly I knew I wanted to be a bigger part of Primal Mvmnt – this was not just a gym, it was a community, it serves our mental health, nutrition, and longevity and that’s what sets it apart from anywhere else. 

I am thrilled to be on board as the Customer Success Manager. I have seen firsthand how Primal Mvmnt changed my life and others around me, and I am so excited to help the community become the best versions of themselves! I am looking forward to doing my Crossfit level 1 coaching course, and am eager to get involved in coaching small group classes & kids classes in the future!

Feel free to reach out to me and ask any questions.


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