Why Real Gyms Don’t Look Like “Gyms”

I started Primal Mvmnt in 2020 with next to no money in a local park during the midst of a pandemic. Some say I was brave (I think they meant deluded!), but having been at rock bottom after losing a business it was clear to me what I wanted to do! Helping people grow, learn, and change their lives for the better is something I had a burning passion for! So it was an easy decision and Primal Mvmnt was born.

After spending some awesome days training members in the sun (And rain!). Our time training our lovely Primal Mvmnt members outside in the Bakers Park – Newton Abbot was up. We managed to find a home for Primal Mvmnt! After many days/weeks negotiating, dealing with planning permission, loans, solicitors we had finally secured our home for Primal Mvmnt. 

We started with nothing but the desire to want to help others, and a very small pot of money and the determination to never give up. The small budget was actually an advantage, Instead of focusing on the chrome and mirrors, heaps of equipment and flashy advertisement that tends to attract new members to a gym, we were forced to buy ONLY what worked for us at the time and channelled all of our energy on making sure that members felt valued and had an enjoyable and successful experience. At the end of the day that’s what it is all about.

Being a start up business I knew we would have to be smart and efficient to grow. I would have to depend on our members to spread the word about Primal Mvmnt (and they did, which we are so grateful for!). But it also meant I had to get RESULTS.

So when I planned the outbuild of the facility and equipment – I grabbed a pen and paper and made a shopping list, I bought dumbbells, kettlebells, rubber bands, skipping ropes, mats and flooring.  

I remember the day the equipment arrived, unboxing the freshly finished dumbbells and kettlebells and knowing this was the start of Primal Mvmnt. I remember feeling a great sense of pride and I knew that for now this was going to work.

And it did. We made people VERY fit, strong and durable! Even with the closure of the gym multiple times throughout the pandemic. We kept people’s motivation up, had them working out in their front rooms together virtually and set challenges to make sure everyone continued to have fun and push themselves, even in the hardest year many of us have had to face. Want a piece of this? Drop me an email and I will show you how – info@primalmvmnt.com  or book a Free Intro HERE.

With the steady growth of Primal Mvmnt we have been very lucky recently to be able to afford more equipment. What we buy is more of the SAME! Barbells, plates, pull-up bars, boxes, wall balls, rowers, squat racks/rigs and much more. But you still won’t see fixed weight machines like cable-crossovers, shoulder press or rows or cardio equipment like running machines. Instead, you will see an experienced coach ensuring each member has a fun filled session, ensuring each move set in the workout is understood, scaled to their level and ability and executed to the best of their ability in a safe and fun manner. This not only ensures injuries do not occur but means that you can really challenge and push yourself, getting the best result from the hour that you can. Perfect! Simple and effective really is the way to long lasting results.

Primal Mvmnt Coach

Most gyms tell you how many pieces/stations of equipment they have got. This in my opinion is a red herring! Their only unique selling point is equipment, which in general is aimed at comfort, surrounded by mirrors and left to defend for yourselves. But truly healthy and fit individuals – or people who are in desperate NEED to lose weight, fix a bad back – They avoid this option. More equipment doesn’t mean better results. They need more work and a coach to guide them.

Almost every person that comes to Primal Mvmnt has had experience with gyms like the above. Nearly every time I hear “I didn’t get the results I wanted”. They looked for the cheapest option, the one with the most equipment or the one that looks the fanciest, believing this would be the solution to their problems. But eventually, when they had reached a dead end and felt unmotivated to go and backtracked on their journey they decided they needed to change, they needed more and went looking for a coach.

Coaches who are there for you 100% of your journey, who truly care about you as an individual and that make you feel like a badass at each class. Coaches who go home at night and spend time planning and researching solutions to get you to your success and perfect days. The use of simple, effective and consistent coaching is invaluable. Pair this with nutrition coaching and you will never look back on your investment into YOU.

A frequently asked question from new clients that book a Free Intro is “It’s just an open space?” And yes it is, you need an open space to move around (a lot). This open space turns into a space that is buzzing with energy, fun and people working their butts off for amazing results and that release of endorphins that is super addictive. And if you’re serious about changing your health and fitness, you’re going to move around a lot. Fitness requires no chair, no padding, no seat belt. 

Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

No wasted space. No wasted time. No wasted effort.

In reality you don’t need as much equipment as we do. Our clients are turning up day in day out, using functional movements to improve their health and wellbeing and always end up leaving with the biggest of smiles. They are fitter, happier and healthier. Our coaching has improved tenfold. Our equipment has remained simple and effective.Inspiration provided by Chris Cooper at https://catalystgym.com/why-real-gyms-dont-look-like-gyms/