My Story


From what I can remember my fitness journey kicked off when I was 13 years old. I asked for a single dumbbell for my birthday, which back then was an odd thing to request as a birthday present. I got into a routine of daily bicep curls and shoulder presses with the aim to gain muscle and become strong, not very imaginative I know. But I was enjoying myself and gained a little well needed confidence. Not long after that I was given something called a ‘Bull Worker’, an old school home fitness device with a portable spring loaded one metre long pole that you squeeze, pull and hold used for isometric training (Sounds dodgy as hell right, I can assure you it was completely innocent just a mental piece of kit!). I used this alongside my dumbbell routine and continued to train on my own in my mums back garden, come rain or shine. This was good for sometime and something I don’t regret but I soon came to realise the importance of a balanced, well-structured, fun programmeme. 


From a young age I spent most of my time outdoors being active with my two brothers. We would ride, run or skate board to a friends house to play a multitude of sports. Being active has been a huge part of my life thanks to my Mum. So I learned from a young age the importance of fitness and in time the importance of food.

I learnt what it felt like to gain confidence in myself, feel stronger, happier and healthier and from that point in my life I fell in love with fitness. As time went on the idea of helping others to reap the many benefits of fitness that I had discovered became a passion of mine that I adhered to work towards making a living out of.

Athletics was where I found my desire in sports and competition. During my secondary school years I competed locally and eventually nationally for the GB Cross Country team. I was given the nickname ‘three lungs’ by one of my best friends for my ability in a test called “The Cooper test” in which you run for 12 minutes to determine your V02 max (aerobic capacity). 

With every day I trained and the time I dedicated to the activities I participated in I slowly learned more about how to programmeme and eat right to accomplish my goals.


In 2012, I graduated from University in Sport and Exercise Science, which shortly led to a career in the leisure industry. Over the next few years I coached boot camps, spinning, circuits and general fitness classes. By 2015, I knew a lot about the fitness and training side of things but not as much as I wanted to about food and nutrition. So I took it upon myself to educate myself in this missing piece of the puzzle. I quickly rose through the ranks in the leisure industry and over the last 13 years carved a career in coaching and more specifically leadership and management for the last 7 years.

Something was missing though! Deep down I was curious about owning a business and I knew that this was what was going to make me the happiest. So I started planning how to open up my own gym one day. 


In early 2018, I collaborated with two friends and incorporated a company called RoarFit. It has been a pretty crazy journey, which has been mentally and physically hard at times, but also one full of excitement and achievements I am very proud of. I have built so many close relationships with our clients who I am lucky enough to call now friends. Now I am able to bring all the skills I have learnt over the year and combine both nutrition and fun achievable exercise programmes to produce not just fitness but health and fulfilment. The results and achievements of the amazing people of RoarFit speak volumes. Sadly in 2020 the COVID19 pandemic saw the closure of RoarFit. This was a challenging and difficult time for all involved and an abrupt end.


Losing something you worked hard for is never easy. But when you feel your at the bottom there is only one direction – up! In July 2020 I started Primal Mvmnt Ltd. We’ve seen our community grow from the Park based workouts in all weathers to a brand new functional fitness gym in Newton Abbot. Our members not only improve their health and fitness but also their wellbeing, whether they have chosen to focus on weight loss, gaining muscle, be confident enough to compete in an event they have a passion for or just simply feel more comfortable in their own skin. We’ve helped people to shift weight they have never thought possible before, helped others achieve their very first pull-up and go on to have the ability to smash advanced gymnastic movements for repetition, encouraged people to develop strength to not only keep hitting new personal best but to believe in themselves and build limitless confidence in themselves and their abilities.

This has been accomplished done all of this with simple education surrounding creating sustainable habits and behaviours that build a healthy lifestyle alongside the encouragement and support and accountability from our wonderful, dedicated coaching team and our incredible community.  

We are able to provide the personalisation, accountability and motivation that is lacking from do-it-yourself fitness programmes. We as coaches have had the time to be in constant contact with our clients. This makes sure they are on track in achieving their goals. We have been able to create new relationships and strengthen our community.

These times are difficult, they are uncertain and somewhat scary but they will get better. In time, we will be able to look back at this point in our lives and remember all the positives were created. If you are struggling with any aspect of your training or motivation and need that reset button to be hit for you? Then drop us a message and let’s get started.