Do you see working out as a chore?

Do you see working out as a chore? Or something to tick off your to-do list rather than something you enjoy doing?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!

Working out can feel a lot easier when motivation is high which is often when we are trying something new. When it’s low it can feel like a real challenge and routines get disrupted. Regular exercise is extremely important for our physical and mental health. Enjoying exercise is key in to staying healthy and achieving the goals we set.

Here are a few tips on getting the most from your fitness journey.

1. Be kind to yourself

Whether you’re new to Primal Mvmnt or returning from injury/sickness, you will have a one on one meeting with a coach. This is to ensure we understand your ability and the goals you would like to achieve. Having a plan, structure and a coach who understands and supports these fully is the key to walking away from your time at the gym feeling great and remaining motivated.

Every single person has doubts about their abilities and the fear of starting something new. But they are soon forgotten when you start reaping the rewards of a happy, healthy lifestyle.

2. Have a routine

Work and life in general can all feel a little overwhelming at times. Leaving us often to neglect looking after ourselves and putting our health first. Creating a realistic routine that is tailored to your goals and having your coach holding you accountable is one sure way of enjoying your journey and not loosing your mojo.

3. Set SMART goals

In addition to having structure, setting SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Bound goals) is vital to success and keeping that motivation positive.

At Primal Mvmnt we sit down with you at the and listen to your needs, then together we set SMART goals for you to achieve while being fully supported and guided by the coaching team. These are known as athlete check-ins which continue throughout your journey with us. Starting from day one, then once you have been with us for 6 weeks and from that point every 12 weeks. This is a brilliant way to not only track your progress which you may otherwise not acknowledge but to also keep you motivation high and challenging yourself to achieve the very best you can.

4. Enjoy what you are doing.

There are so many ways to exercise and move your body. But if you do not enjoy what you are doing it’s never going to keep you wanting to turn up each day. At Primal Mvmnt our programmeming is designed to be super fun, always varied, and aligned to your goals. Every single movement can be scaled to your ability and pace. No one gets left behind or is made to feel inadequate. We are a community that loves and supports each and everyone of our fellow members. Be assured you will never leave without a smile on your face and not looking forward to returning.

“The Happy Gym” Primal Mvmnt – Beach Work Out Community Event

5. Being part of a supportive community

Being a part of a community is something really special. Having smiley, friendly faces greet you each time you walk through the door and who are there for the same reason as you is a great feeling to have. It gives you that boost to come in work hard, have fun and want to keep coming back. At Primal Mvmnt we pride ourselves on having a safe space for you to train. There is zero judgment from any of the coaches or members, just 100% support and respect for one and other. You will never be more the 2 meters away from a genuinely lovely friendly face to make your gym experience a fun and enjoyable one.

6. Know when to rest

When we embark on something new or start to get real momentum it can be super exciting! Especially when you begin to see and feel the changes happening. But sometimes we can push our bodies that little too far. Resulting in injury, fatigue or a drop in our performance. Having a dedicated coach and regular Primal Mvmnt athlete check-ins, is the perfect way to ensure that what and how you are training is right for you. Overtraining can result in many ways that could have a negative impact on your wellbeing. So try to make sure you get adequate rest, listen to your body and follow the guidance you have been given. 

7. Make your health the priority

Having a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be boring or mean that you eat kale and raw eggs day in day out. It’s about balance and control.

It’s should be fun and inspire you to turn up for yourself on a daily basis. Shifting your mindset to focus more on the long term health benefits that living a healthy lifestyle will facilitate is a good way of keeping motivation. We all want to stay healthy and as able as we can for as long as we can. With the right tools and support you can create a life for you and your family where you feel comfortable, strong and confident, healthy and energised. A life where you can interact and play with your children/grandchildren the way you would like to. Appreciate your body and all the amazing things it can allow you to do in the time we have on earth. 

Avoid comparing yourself to anyone else and focus on where you are now and celebrating all your wins along the  way. I promise you taking that first step will be the best decision you ever make.


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